The International Student Short Film Festival has taken place since 1961. It received its "international" title in 1970.

The 41 VGIK International Student Festival is hosted with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the President's Grants Fund, the National Fund for rights holders. The main goal of the Festival is to recognise and stimulate young talents. Through the years among the winners have been people who later became highly significant individuals in international cinema:
Andrey Konchalovskiy, Andrey Tarkovskiy, Vasiliy Shukshin, Nikita Mikhalkov, Vadim Abdrashitov, Pyotr Buslov, Boris Akopov, Aleksandr Hunt and others.

The Festival is run in two stages: 
18-29 October 2021 - Stage 1 - VGIK's competition.
15-19 November 2021 - Stage 2 - the international cinema and theatre competition.

The judges and the audience are welcome to see the works of students from the UK, Italy, USA, France, Germany, China, Brazil, Argentina and other countries.

Alongside the Film Festival, the 17th Theatre Festival will too take place. There the audience will be presented with productions from the leading theatre schools based in Russia and abroad.


From November 17 to 19, Moscow will host screenings of the 2nd stage of the 40th International student festival at venues:

Formula Kino tsdm


17.11 13:00 Game movie 16+ - "the Old monk", "Online confusion", "PHENT", "Morphine"

17.11 15:00 Game movie 18+ - "Suicide", "Smoke", "And then he kissed me"

18.11 13:00 Children's program 12+ - "Gala dinner", "Braces", "Depth", "Swamp", "you wonder" (the participant of the contest "Global values"), "Slalom" (participant of the contest " Global values"), "Cage", "Atalanta"

18.11 15: 00 Winners of the 1st stage of the festival 18+ - " do you know Monatika ?", "Blockhead", "I want to tell you something", " to Be Victor Pelevin... Who-who?"

You can buy tickets at the box office at the cinema
* reduced price for students upon presentation of a student ID card




17.11 15: 00 "moskino Cosmos" - Program of short animated films (age limit 6+)

18.11 14: 10 "moskino Molodezhny" - Program of short films "Whispers and shouts/Cries and Whispers" (age limit 12+)

19.11 15: 30 "moskino Molodezhny – - program of short animated films" He and She/He and She " (age limit 18+)

International competition

November 17

11:00 - 17:30

«He and She»

Students of film schools always speak frankly about love in their works.  From the drama about the difficult relationship of a Russian language teacher and a troubled student ("Cold Frost and Sunshine") to the horror about a husband trying to save his wife from a mysterious picture monster ("The Painted"). But love is not only passion, as in the movie "The Dissonant Echoes of Desire" or tender warmth and care as in "Cloudy days", it is also the ability to understand your partner and trust him/her, despite all his oddities, as the heroine of "Home video" does. However, love stories don't always have happy endings. The heroine of the tragicomic "POP 30" tells the audience what happens if love has passed, but the pain still remains, and how to cope with it.



Master classes

Master class of documentary Director and cameraman, BAFTA nominee nick Higgins November 17, 18: 30
"Creative documentaries: cinematic form without borders "

In 1926, the Scottish film Director John Grierson first coined the term "documentary", defining it as "a creative examination of reality".

From this point on, the documentary form embodies the unique relationship between "reality" and our ability to capture that reality on screen.

Almost a hundred years later, we continue to make documentaries to interact with reality. However, as technology advances, the shape also changes. Along with theatrical documentaries, we live in an era where crowdsourcing, mass-produced, transmedia, and virtual documentaries are pushing the boundaries of what we can consider a cinematic encounter with reality. Using examples from his own documentary practice, Professor Nick Higgins will talk about the creative multiplicity of the documentary form, as well as identify the potential and challenges that the next generation of filmmakers may face.


















Kirill Vytoptov's master class "the inner process of an actor" November 19, 12:00-13:30



Acting isn't just about cues! Holly hunter didn't speak a single word in the movie "the Piano" and won an Oscar.
The actor must not only represent the image, but also "become this image". Make his experiences, feelings, and thoughts your own. It is important to be able to create the necessary internal conditions for the natural and organic origin of actions. An Artist is impossible without inner work!





















Based on his invaluable experience and knowledge, Kirill Vytoptov, a professional with many years of theatrical practice, will share the secrets of stage skills and tell how the subconscious process of theatrical creativity is comprehended.


Creative meeting of Evgeny Tkachuk November 19, 15:00

Forum of young cinema "Prospects for the distribution of debut films in Russia" November 19, 18:00-20:00

As part of the 40th VGIK international student festival, a forum for young cinema "Prospects for the distribution of debut films in Russia"will be held. The forum will be held online on November 19 at 18.00. Zoom conference will be broadcast on the official YouTube channel of VGIK.

The forum will be attended by representatives of rental companies and online platforms, as well as students and graduates of VGIK.

Forum topic:

  • The attitude of film networks to the rental of debut films

  • Problems organization of public relations for the debut film

  • The impact of participation in film festivals on the rental of debut films

  • Debut movies on online platforms

  • The problem of piracy in the Russian Internet space

Pitching scenarios November 20, 11:00-13:00

FestAgent. Lecture on festival promotion of films on November 20, 14:00-15:00

The lecture will be conducted by Ivan Zolotukhin, Director of the Agency, and Yulia Travnikova, Head of the "Promotion of films for festivals" direction

Festagent is the biggest Russian agency that promotes films to festivals. 9 years in industry, more than 530 films in portfolio, 10 specialists in team.

Festagent agency provides services on festival distribution, making dialogue sheets, translation, subtitling, DCP-copies.


Agency provides a catalogue of film festivals from all over the world with more than 1800 items, arranges lectures and workshops on festival distribution in Russian leading film schools and writes about festival industry.

At the lecture, we show slides, films and tell the audience:


  • how the festival industry works in Russia and in the world;

  • what types of festivals exist;

  • how to create a strategy for promoting your movie;

  • how to plan a budget for working with festivals;

  • what to pay attention to when choosing a festival;

  • who are the selectors and how to make them notice you;

  • what role does patience and a properly executed application play in this process?

The lecture lasts 90 minutes, followed by a Q&a session.

After the lecture, we can send the presentation to the organizers for distribution to the audience. In the presentation, we have collected templates and a lot of useful materials.

Beijing film Academy animation School special screenings November 17, 17: 40-18: 20



"In red" (China, 2020, animated, 8 minutes, color)

Director: he Tian

Short film "in the format of the dance." On the battlefield, all living beings suffer, even the tormentors themselves.


"Monkey king" (China, 2020, animated, 7 minutes, color)

Director: Luo Aoze

The main character Xiaoyuan is very fond of the magic hero monkey King. One day after school, Xiaoyuan accidentally witnessed an attack in an alley. Not daring to help, he imagines that he has become a real monkey king.


"Once upon a time in a barbershop "(China, 2020, animated, 9 minutes, color, Chinese)

Directors: Chen Iran, Chen Jiwei, Yang Ruihang, JI Xiangyu

Grandfather, picking up a grandson named Dong-Dong from school, decides to go to the barbershop to get a haircut. However, the grandson does not sit still and wants to run away to have some fun. This is how the conflict between grandfather and grandson begins.


"Curly threads" (2020, animated, 7 minutes, color)

Director: Zhang
Music: Xia Yang
Engineer: Wang
Teachers: sun Lijun, Zhang Li, he Cheng, Li Jianping, Cao Xiaohui, Chen Jinghan, Wang yuqin, Peng Qingzheng

As a child, the girl learned to embroider from her grandmother and wanted to work with her, but forgot about it when she grew up. Many years later, in her most anxious moments, she still remembers her grandmother's patient lessons.


"Taste" (China, 2020, animated, 8 minutes, color)

Artist: sun Li Jun

Teachers: sun Li Jun, he Cheng, Zhang Li, La Jian, Cao Xiao Hui, Chen Jing Han, Wang Yu Qin, Peng Qin Zheng, Zhang Chen the

Film is created by combining several methods-paperless two-dimensional animation and terrain washing technology.

The authors tried to Express a sense of longing and love for the grandmother, telling the story of the boy she raised from childhood.


Special event "Evening in memory of S. F. Bondarchuk" November 18, 17: 30-19: 30


"Julius Fuchik "(USSR, 1949, 12 minutes)

Directors: Vladimir Naumov, Latif Fayziev

Production: VGIK

Course work of students of the workshop of Igor Savchenko. The main role is played by S. F. Bondarchuk


"What is truth. About Sergey Bondarchuk " (Russia, 2020, 26 minutes)

Author of the script and editing composition: Oleg Shuher

Editing: Ksenia Vinogradova, Elena Rusakova

Sound: Mikhail Tyukalin

Film Fund: Julia Nemtyrev, Natella Smirnova, Vera Isaeva

Digitization of film material: Eldar Israfilov

Music from works by: Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov

Film-essay in memory of S. F. Bondarchuk, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Master. This is not a biographical sketch, not a film portrait, not a screen speech in honor of the hero of the day. The authors tried to touch the mystery of the fate of an outstanding artist and cinematographer.

The film uses fragments of films by film Directors A. p. Dovzhenko, I. A. Savchenko, S. A. Gerasimov, A. L. Ptushko, S. A. Timoshenko, S. F. Bondarchuk, as well as the student work of Vladimir Naumov and Latif Fayziev "Julius Fuchik", and other educational works of VGIK students.




Creative Director of MTS Media


Award-winning documentary filmmaker, scholar, and curator


Teacher, curator, film Director, photographer


Theater and film actress


Film Director

Screenings of the international stage of the festival will be held in 30 regions, 318 venues, 309 localities, including 92 cities.



An online platform has been opened on the portal https://nonfiction.film will host documentaries from our Nonfiction festival.film is an online cinema for the interested and advanced audience, a streaming platform that contains iconic documentaries, films from the Academy award list, winners of Cannes, Berlin, Venice and other international festivals. Nonfiction.film is a convenient and easy-to-use service where watching a movie is not interrupted by ads."

To the international competition of the VGIK Festival 55 films were selected from 49 schools in 40 countries! You can see the list of selected films below

This year, our festival was held in an online format for the first time. Finally, those who live far away from Moscow and even in other countries were able to take part in viewing and discussing films.
The total number of views was more than 60,000.

The show in the Central Children's Store was also our first and it was a great success for the audience.

We hope that in the future we will be able to continue the practice of online screenings so that as many viewers as possible can watch young movies.

On October 30, the winners of the first stage of the festival were announced, as well as the works that passed the international stage. You can view the results on the main page of the site

Selected films

«Connivance», directed by Lucia Molina Carpi, Malena Ichkhanian, Ailín Kertesz y Mara Tatiana Lanosa (Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU UBA), Argentina) 0+

«Spines», directed by Julia Conde (Universidad del Cine, Argentina) 0+

«Villainy», directed by Moris Amiryan (Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, Armenia) 16+

«Road», directed by Kirill Khaletsky (Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Belarus) 18+

«All that's left», directed by Hugo Salvaire (IAD Médiadiffusion, Belgium) 0+

«Gold Plated», directed by Chloé Léonil (INSAS, Belgium) 12+

«Under pressure», directed by Vasil Bogdanov (NATFA "Kr.Sarafov", Bulgaria) 12+

«Cloudy Days», directed by Ana Luísa Moura (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil) 0+

«Meow or Never», directed by Neeraja Raj (National Film and Television School, Great Britain) 0+

«An Arabian Night», directed by Pierre Mouzannar (Central Film School (London), Great Britain / Lebanon) 0+

«Add Some Ice, Please», directed by Nikita Denisov (Arts University Bournemouth, Great Britain / Russia) 16+

«Lizard», directed by Emily Gularte (UFM Escuela de Cine y Artes Visuales, Guatemala) 12+

«Keep Shiftin'», directed by Verena Wagner (University of Television and Film Munich, Germany) 0+ DISPLAY OFFLINE ONLY

«To my Sole Viewer», directed by Мария Maria Elena Mitrodima (Akmi Metropolitan College, Greece) 0+

«RUBICON», directed by Manuel Muñoz (Universidad del Cine, Honduras / Argentina / Colombia) 

«POP 30», directed by Shira Billig (The Maaleh School of Film & Television, Jerusalem, Israel) 6+

«Cold Frost and Sunshine», directed by Hila Royzenman  (the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film school, Israel) 12+

«Retirement», directed by Sawanti Das (Satyajit Ray film and television institute, India) 12+

«DHUMMAS», directed by Nainishaa (NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, India) 0+

«FAMILY STORY», directed by Rendro Aryo (Faculty of Film and Television, Jakarta Institute of the Arts, Indonesia) 0+

«The Rotation», directed by Hazhir As'adi (Soore Art University, Iran) 0+


«Gando», directed by Teymour Ghaderi (Payam Noor, Iran) 12+

«The Apaches», directed by Asier Ramos (Escac Films, Spain) 0+

«Strike», directed by Olivier Côté (Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada) 16+

«Farewell», directed by QING Yang (Beijing Film Academy, China) 0+

«Atmospheres», directed by Leinad Pájaro De la Hoz (Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV San Antonio de los Baños EICTV, Cuba / Colombia) 0+

«Captain Blackbeard», directed by Mateo Granillo (Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, A.C., Mexico) 12+

«Mother Rain», directed by Alberto Flores Vilca (Universidad nacional del Altiplano - UNA, Peru) 12+

«Bitter herb», directed by Maria Ornaf  (The Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland) 16+

«My home», directed by Kristina Koroleva (Institute of film and television, Russia) 12+

«I want to tell you something», directed by Atana Agrba (All-Russian state Institute of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK), Russia)

«Gala dinner», directed by Natalia Abramova (All-Russian state Institute of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK), Russia)

«MOM!», directed by Vahe Mikaelyan (All-Russian state Institute of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK), Russia)

«Above the city», directed by Malika Mukhamedzhanova а (All-Russian state Institute of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK), Russia)

«What the heck should I write about?», directed by Matei Monoranu (UNATC I.L.CARAGIALE,  Romania) 0+

«He loves my eyes», directed by Enxhi Rista UNATC I.L.CARAGIALE, Romania) 12+

«M for Murder or 'l'art pour l'art'», directed by David Jovanović (Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia) 16+

«Adam», directed by Shoki Lin (Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore) 0+ DISPLAY OFFLINE ONLY

«The Gleam of Delicate Irony», directed by Kristián Grupač ч (FTF VŠMU - Academy of Performing Arts (Film and TV faculty), Slovakia) 12+ 

«Trezi», directed by Sara Polanc к (UL AGRFT, Slovenia) 0+ 

«A Series of Windows», directed by Joann Gonzalez (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Department of Theater, Film, and Television, USA) 0+ 

«The Painted», directed by Sasha Sibley (Loyola Marymount University, USA) 

«Last Session», directed by Yaren Karadeniz, İrem Baysoy (Yasar University, Turkey)

«My grandfather», directed by Sherzod Nazarov (Uzbekistan state institute of art and culture, Uzbekistan) 16+

«On Hold», directed by Laura Rantanen (ELO Film School Finland / Aalto University, Finland) 

«3 Murs & un toit», directed by Mathilde Dugardin, Orane Laffra, Hugo de Magalhaes, Wassim El Hammami (Pôle 3D, France) 0+

«Turtle Bay», directed by Océane Lavergne, Léo Depoix, Yann Laurent, Pierre Cilluffo, Lucas Durot, Florent Pertoldi (Pôle 3D, France) 0+

«To the dusty sea», directed by Héloïse Ferlay (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs - Paris, France) 16+

«Cell», directed by Corentin Becq, Constance André, Salomé Chateignon, Yashwardhan Singh Jhala, Jeanne Fouques, Chloé Labat (Rubika Animation, France) 0+

«The Dissonant Echoes of Desire», directed by YU Miao (La Fémis, France) 18+

«STAMP», directed by Lovro Mrđen (Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb, Croatia / Belgium) 16+

«Home Video», directed by Tomáš Richtr (Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic) 16+

«Brothers Again», directed by Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola (Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland) 12+

«UFO», directed by Harvey Gardner (UWS Creative Media Academy, Scotland) 16+

«Time Capsule», directed by Eric Romero (Baltic Film and Media School, Estonia) 16+

Winners of the 40th VGIK international student festival

The 40th VGIK international student festival has ended in Moscow. The festival organizers are all-Russian state Institute of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov, Production center "VGIK-Debut", ANO "Creative Studio "STELLA" with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Presidential grants of the Moscow Government, the National Fund for support of owners.


The sponsor of the 40th VGIK international student festival was Innopraktika, which for the first time in the history of the festival established cash prizes in the special category "GLOBAL VALUES".


The General partner of the contest is MTS Media, a subsidiary of MTS Group that develops its media assets and television products.


Representatives of 49 film schools from 40 countries took part in the competition. 59 student works were presented to the jury: games, documentaries, animation, multimedia projects. Russia was represented at the festival by four films of VGIK students, winners of the 1st stage.


The works of the participants of the second stage were evaluated by a professional jury chaired by film Director and screenwriter Kim Ki-Duk (South Korea). The jury also includes Nick Higgins (great Britain) – cinematographer, documentary film Director, Otto Alder (Switzerland) – film Director, photographer, Professor, Natalia Isakova (Russia)-creative Director of MTS – Media, Yulia Khlynina (Russia) - theater and film actress.

Experts selected the best works. The list of winners and laureates of the festival:


Grand Prix/Grand Prix – "frost and sun", directed by hill Rozenman, School of film and television Sam Spiegel, Jerusalem, Israel/ "Cold Frost and Sunshine", directed by Hila Royzenman, the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film school, Israel 12+


The prize for best feature film/Best Feature Film Prize – "Adam" Director Shocks Lin, School of arts, design and media at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore/ "Adam", directed by Shoki Lin, Nanyang Technological University School of Art, Design and Media, Singapore 0+

The prize for best documentary/Best Documentary Prize – "Mother of Rain", directed by Alberto Flores of Vilna, national University of Altiplano (UNA), Peru/ "Mother Rain", directed by Alberto Vilca Flores, Universidad nacional del Altiplano - UNA, Peru 12+


The prize for best animated film/Best Animation Prize – "To the sea of dust", directed by Eloise Farrelly, national High School of fine Arts in Paris, France/ "To the dusty sea", directed by Héloïse Ferlay, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs - Paris, France 16+

The prize for best programme/Best Film Prize Programme all – Russian State Institute of Cinematography. S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK), Russia/ All-Russian state Institute of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK), Russia


"I want you to say something", directed by Athanasios Agrba/ "I want to tell you something", directed by Atana Agrba, workshop of S. A. Solovyev 16+

"Above the city", directed by Malika Mukhamejan/ "Above the city", directed by Malika Mukhamejan, workshop of A. A. Eshpai 18+

"MOM!", directed by Vage Mikaelyan, workshop of S. V. Miroshnichenko, S. L. Zonova 16+

"Gala dinner", directed by Natalia Abramova/ "Festive dinner", directed by Natalya Abramova, workshop of A. M. Demin 0+


A special professional jury diploma/Special diploma – "the Road", directed by Kirill chalecki, Belarusian State Academy of Arts (bgai), Belarus/ "Road", directed by Kirill Khaletsky, Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Belarus 18+

A special professional jury diploma/Special diploma – "Gandhi", directed by Teymur Ghaderi, University of Payam Noor, Iran/ "Gando", directed by Teymour Ghaderi, Payam Noor, Iran 12+


The prize of student jury for the best film/Student Jury Prize for the Best Film – "Artemisia", directed by Maria Ornaf, Higher State School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz, Poland/ "Bitter herb", directed by Maria Ornaf, The Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland 16+

Special diploma of the student jury "for easy presentation of a serious topic" / Student Jury special diploma "For expressing difficult ideas in simple language – - "Arab night", directed by Pierre Mouzannar, Central film school (London), great Britain/ Lebanon / "An Arabian Night", directed by Pierre Mouzannar, Central Film School (London), Great Britain / Lebanon 0+

The prize of the production center "VGIK-Debut" Perspektiva/Special prize "Perspectiva" from the Production center "VGIK-Debut" – "to Be Viktor Pelevin... Who-whom?", Ivan Tolstoy, workshop of S. Soloviev/ "Being Victor Pelevin... Sorry, Who?", Ivan Tolstoy, workshop of S. A. Solovyev 16+


Certificate for film festivals and international programmes/Certificate from the Centre for the international film festivals and programs – "I want you to say something", Athanasios Agrba, workshop of S. Soloviev/ "I want to tell you something", directed by Atana Agrba, workshop of S. A. Solovyev 16+

Special prize of the V. I. Yusov Guild of cinematographers - "Suicide", cinematographer Roman Malyshev, workshop of M. L. Agranovich 16+

Audience Choice Award - "Suicide", Director Sergey Popov, workshop of A. A. Eshpai 16+


Fyodor Popov, General producer of the VGIK festival: "Despite all the difficulties and limitations, the festival has not only not slowed down, but on the contrary, continues to increase its momentum. A huge number of applications were submitted: 345 from 140 film schools from 52 countries (in 2019-311 applications, 37 countries, 72 schools). As a result, 59 films from 40 countries from 49 film schools were selected to participate in the 2020 competition (in 2019 - 47 films, 30 countries, 35 film schools). These numbers are much larger. than last year. The work of a very high level. I am glad that the international student festival held by VGIK attracts so much attention. This shows the strength of students, the strength of the spirit of cinematographers, that cinema is alive, it is invincible"!


This year the VGIK festival has a number of features. First, the festival is an anniversary and is held for the 40th time. Secondly, all the main events of the festival were held online – such a large-scale broadcast of films and performances in the entire history of the festival has not yet been held.


For the first time in the history of the festival, cash prizes were awarded in the special category "GLOBAL VALUES". They established the company "Inpractice" ─ sponsor of the 40th International student festival VGIK.

Winners of the Global values contest»/The winners of the competition "Global values"


1st place. "Fog", directed by Nainishaa, national Institute of Design, India / "DHUMMAS", directed by Nainishaa, NATIONAL INSTITUTE of DESIGN, India 0+

2 place. "One day in Nastya's life", directed by Dmitry Suvorov, VGIK, Russia 18+

3rd place. "Blow", directed by Olivier Cote, University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada/ "Strike", directed by Olivier Côté, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada 16+


The films cinematography was presented to the audience in 30 Russian regions: Komi Republic and Rostov oblast, Krasnoyarsk Krai and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Moscow, Tver, Magadan region and other. Film screenings were organized in 309 localities on 318 sites.

VGIK named after S. A. Gerasimov and the General partner of the festival MTS Media have developed a charity project of named scholarships for students of creative higher education. Currently, 10 fellows are being selected from among the best students who have shown themselves in their studies and creativity in the following specialties: playwright (2 fellows), film and television Director (5 fellows), cinematographer (2 fellows), film and television artist, combined shooting artist (1 scholarship). Candidates for individual scholarships were nominated by the scholarship committees of the faculties. To approve candidates, VGIK together with MTS Media created an Expert Council, which included leading teachers-masters of VGIK,as well as representatives of the MTS media business. Information about the scholarship will be published on the official website of the University.

Along with the film review, the XVI international theater competition ended. 10 performances of leading theater schools from 5 countries competed for the victory: Shchepkin VTU (Russia), B. Shchukin theater Institute (Russia), GITIS (Russia), VGIK (Russia), Moscow art theater Studio School (Russia), RGISI (Russia), yanacek Academy of music (Czech Republic), faculty of dramatic arts (Republic of Serbia), Beijing film Academy (people's Republic of China), higher State School of Cinema, Television and Theater in Lodz (Poland).


The jury of theatrical competition

Evgeny Tkachuk (Russia) - Chairman of the jury, theater and film actor

Andrey Maksimov (Russia) - theater Director, playwright, journalist

Marina Korostyleva (Russia) - program editor on the TV channel "Culture", theater critic

Maya Pramatarova (Bulgaria) - art critic, leading expert of the Bulgarian cultural center in Moscow


The main prize for the play "Caucasian chalk circle", Faculty of dramatic arts (Belgrade, Serbia, 13+).


Awards are also awarded to the work of theater schools:

The prize for best actress - Valery Elkin in the play "twelfth night", the Moscow art theatre (Moscow, Russia, 16+)

The prize for best actor - Ivan Zhukov in the play "the seven who were hanged", RGISI (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 12+)

Special jury prize for a Duo in creating the multifaceted image of Holden Caulfield in the play "the catcher in the rye" Nikolay Naumov and Oleg Malofeev, VTI them. Schepkin (Moscow, Russia, 14+)


Yevgeny Tkachuk, Chairman of the jury of the XVI international theater competition: -" I looked at the students ' works with great pleasure. They are distinguished by honesty, frankness, some naivety, and the spirit of creativity. It's so nice and joyful to see.

Although in the framework of the "cultural lockdown", but people do not stop and try to bring offline and online mode to carry the spirit of art. We enjoyed watching all the performances immensely."


Recall that the festival is held in two stages: October 19-30, 2020 – the first stage-the VGIK competition. November 16-20, 2020-the second stage – international film and theater competitions. Film works by students from the UK, Italy, USA, France, Germany, China, Brazil, Argentina and other countries were presented to the jury and the audience. The number of participants in the VGIK Festival is steadily growing.



General questions

Festival Direction

Chairman of the student organizing Committee

Anna Geller


+7 (916) 290-65-75

Program Director

Vasilina Sviridova


Head of the distribution department 

Veronika Kuznetsova


Head of the theatre department

Victoria Stepanova


Head of the

international department

Emilia Kachibaya

Elena Barkhanskaya​

Head of PR department 
Anna-Maria Peshkova ​